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Writer's Block: Ides of March

i am wary about yasu, if he's getting tired/bored with me. also: geometry, the new frontier.

Writer's Block: Got the Munchies

hot chocolate with marshmallows, & toast!

Writer's Block: Don’t look back in anger

not visiting 3 people close to me (2 REALLY close) before they passed away this year. i miss them very much. also, i regret not finding anyone else before this year, then i wouldn't be here now, feeling uncertain about my future with this present relationship. this year was an epic fail & i hope next year will be MUCH better.

Writer's Block: Roll the dice

3, 5, 7, & 11.
ZACHARY'S stuffed chicago pizza: sausage, black olive, green pepper, crushed red pepper. anchovies on the side. also: red boy pizza, red boy's special (salami, pepperoni, italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, green onions & black olives.)crushed red pepper. ^_^

Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

trying to decide whether i should have pancakes & bacon & eggs or leftover spaghetti for breakfast. the salad dressing i made last night was also pretty good.
i'm also thinking that the lunar eclipse sucked because of the haze in the sky, but i got some beautiful sunrise pictures!

Writer's Block: American Music Awards

*thinking* CSNY....& then neil young...led zeppilin....pink floyd....bob dylan....joni mitchell...curtis mayfield....john coltrane....pat metheney.....trammell starks & yoko kanno. there's lots & lots & lots more, but this is just a start. there are more than just one.
mulan, lion king, aladdin, & the tinkerbell series!

Writer's Block: Hobby Lobby

vintage beads, antique quilts, antique small locks (with & without keys), toys i used to play with as a kid, antique beads. mangas. vintage & antique beads. did i mention beads???????

Writer's Block: Red-faced and ruddy

the time when i gave my boss (at the time) a hug, & smooshed my boobs in his face. he's happily married. i have NO idea why the hell i did that...luckily, he didn't yell at me & never mentioned the incident. ugh. stupid stupid stupid me